Creative Power of Imagination

Introduction to Neville Goddard

Intro to Neville Goddard - 12 Weeks - October 13, 2019 to January 2, 2020

Instructor: Greta Marcella Cobb
Course Hours: 3-5 per week

Credit Hour Equivalent: 2


  • Weekly Lessons (reading, listening, taking notes on assigned texts and media)
  • Weekly Live Classroom-style Discussion (Livestream, GoToMeeting) (Thursdays, 8:30PM EST, UTC-5)

This class is a deep-dive study of Neville Goddard. Starting with an exploration of the life of the author, lecturer, and prominent mystic known by his audiences as “Neville”, students gain important context to assist in building an in-depth understanding the teachings presented later in the course. At the beginning of each week, a lecture is presented for students to listen to, read, and take notes. One evening per week (Thursdays, 8:30PM EST, UTC-5) there is a livestream class discussion, facilitated by Greta, where the lecture and supporting concepts are brought to life through engaging, eye-opening discussion. Weekly time investment for this course is 90 minutes live teaching, 1-2 hours independent study.

*All Livestreams are recorded and posted for viewing at your convenience.

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