A Masterclass Experience of Sacred Truth


The comprehensive re-teaching of Neville's original 1948 Lessons masterclass hosted by Josiah Brandt.

Package of 4 Coaching Sessions with Josiah


A package of 4 x Private Coaching Sessions with Josiah

The 99 Day Experience


The 99-day, self-paced video study course. Decoding and applying the wisdom teachings of Neville Goddard.

Includes access to our extensive curriculum of video lessons, learning modules, exercises, student community and more.

The Ultimate Neville Collection


Add this exceptional collection of Read by Josiah Brandt MP3s:

This MP3 bundle of Neville Goddard books and lectures includes:

  • At Your Command
  • The Law and The Promise
  • The Power of Awareness
  • Catch The Mood
  • Your Faith Is Your Fortune
  • Prayer: The Art of Believing
  • Freedom For All
  • Feeling Is The Secret

Is Science Catching Up to the Teachings of Neville?


Ever had a family, friend or teenager challenge you that all this is "woo", and wished you had the scientific evidence + lingo to share the Truth so your loved one who doesn't yet know that human suffering is optional, can finally be empowered and free to enjoy life to the fullest? Some call this perfectly curated life experience of coincidences: "miracles", but at the School of Imagination, we call this mastery: ART. 

Includes 5 classes of curated content by School of Imagination researcher Shveta Hariharan in the fields of neurology, cosmology, and quantum physics to support what was previously theorized by Neville but that we've all tested and know works + Q&A recordings.

A Free Adventure Course to Learn the Language of Your Dreams