A Masterclass Experience of Sacred Truth


Ancient Truth Renewed for the Modern Era

This 6 week NEVILLE GODDARD MASTERCLASS is an in-depth expansion upon Neville’s original masterclass taught in 1948, commonly known as “The 1948 Lessons”. 

This online learning experience is an in-depth exploration of each of these five original lessons, expanding and updating Neville’s teachings and ideas with modern language, metaphors and vernacular, and discussing the practical application of these lessons to our daily life.

This course features:

The 2020 Edition 1948 Lessons Masterclass Video Series: 17 video lessons, arranged into six online learning modules, explored as a class over 6 weeks.


~2 hours of video lessons per week (In-depth exploration of the ideas)

~1.5 hours of livestream class discussion weekly (How to practically apply what we're learning to your life)

~20 minute daily exercises (Practicing using and exercising our imagination)

~(Optional) 5 minute daily small group check-in (Accountability, support and encouragement)

Weekly Livestream Class Discussions: Each Wednesday (8:30PM EDT), the class will meet on GoToMeeting for a live classroom discussion. In these livestreams, we will explore the “real-world application” of the concepts we’re learning in the Masterclass Video Series. These classes are recorded and posted for viewing at your convenience.

Small Group Accountability: (Optional) Students will be assigned “pods” -- accountability groups of 3-4 people. You will form a group chat with your pod and share your responses daily to various sharing prompts provided throughout the course. As podmates, we lovingly imagine each other’s success while checking in with each other daily about the practice exercises. This daily check-in is a focus and support tool, designed to help you build long-lasting friendships with your fellow classmates and creators.


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Neville Goddard Masterclass