A Masterclass Experience of Sacred Truth


The comprehensive re-teaching of Neville's original 1948 Lessons masterclass hosted by Josiah Brandt.

Adventure Retreat



  • Portal 2022: A SATS*/Hypnagogia Retreat held in the pristine mountain forests of the Menla Retreat Center, in the Catskill Mountains near Phoenicia, NY. [6 Days, Sunday through Friday, Sept 25 - Sept 30]

    • Josiah Brandt will guide us through a series of energetic activations to create a safe, grounded container for intensive exploration of the hypnagogic state -- the "portal to the multiverse" and "window between worlds" referred to by venerated mystic Neville Goddard as "SATS" (State Akin To Sleep).

  • Mystic-Themed Tour of Manhattan: This extraordinary event is a stunning sightseeing tour of modern-day New York City, the "City of Dreams", blended with the rich tapestry of history and mystic teachings of the celebrated mystic and SATS* teacher¬†Neville Goddard. [1 day, 2 nights, Friday and Saturday, Sept 30 - Oct 1]

*SATS = State Akin To Sleep (the hypnagogic state)