Saturday, October 1, 2022

An Evening Celebrating Neville Goddard

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Come meet Neville students from all over the world for an evening of fun and celebration.

Free and open to all members of the Neville student community.

Event starts at 7 PM

NoMo SoHo Patio

9 Crosby Street

New York City, NY

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About the School of Imagination

We are awakening. We are remembering Who We Are. We are exploring the horizons of our individual and collective potential.

We've all felt alone at times wishing for a tribe of super conscious friends who we can share with in radical honesty and who would inspire and support us into being the highest, best versions of ourselves. We also know that while telepathic communication and technological platforms are everyday life for students of the School of Imagination, the 3D earthly human experience is what we are really here to enjoy! 

Goddard means 'a brave god'. We think this totally sums up Who We Are: Infinite Beings having spiritual adventures in "brave" human form. So, remember this: You have Goddards here. You are not alone.