Portal + Tour Info & FAQs

Your safety is our top priority. We are adhering to New York State and CDC guidelines whilst striving to provide the same level of service and home-away-from-home comfort you have experienced in other world situations. Please take a moment to review our guidelines. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have concerns not addressed below, please email us at: schoolofi2022@gmail.com

Our standard FAQs can be found here below:


Part 1 of the event takes place starting on Sunday, Sept 25 at Menla Retreat Center in Phoenicia, NY.
The accommodation at Menla is booked separately using the Menla link on the Portal site and includes meals and lodging for the retreat.

Part 2 of the event, the Mad Mystic Tour of Manhattan, takes place on Saturday, Oct 1 in Manhattan, NY.

The ticket for this bus tour is included in your Portal Retreat ticket. The overnight lodging at the NoMo SoHo hotel in Manhattan with the group is available to you at a substantial discount when you book using the Goddard Events link.

Flights and Transportation 🧳✈️

LaGuardia and JFK are both about 40 minutes from the Trailways bus station which is the easiest transportation method to transfer to Phoenicia (unless you want to rent a car).

Trailways is the service provider and they depart from the NY Transport Authority, a short trip by bus from the NYC Airports. Schedule and details are found here:


Once you arrive in Phoenicia, there is a Menla shuttle that will pick you up and take you to the resort.
For flying into NYC, either airport (JFK or LaGuardia) works.

However LaGuardia is a little closer to the NoMo SoHo hotel for departure on Sunday 10/2 so LGA is the most convenient for the return flight.

On arrival day try to fly into NYC in the morning so you have plenty of time to transfer by bus upstate to Menla. Dinner is 6-7pm on Sunday, plan to arrive in time to join us for dinner.

If you are planning to also attend the MMM Tour, we are arranging the transfer for the group from Menla to NoMo SoHo hotel on Friday, Sept 30.

The MMM Tour takes place all day Saturday, followed by the Neville meetup Saturday night.

Departure day is Sunday, Oct 2 and NoMo SoHo hotel checkout is 11am that day.


Please complete the PORTAL RETREAT guest intake form here.


Below is the packing list for the PORTAL Retreat.

Eye mask: (This mask must reliably block all external sources of light. Eyes should also be able to open comfortably under mask without perceiving external light. This is important for the experience. Mantasleep and Mindfold are two brands with specially designed eye masks for this purpose.)
Candles (battery operated, at least one, any size)
Ear buds (wired, no air pods)
Comfortable loose fitting clothes for SATS
Rain jacket
Hiking shoes (optional but encouraged)
City clothes and shoes for MMM Tour
Social hour clothing for Manhattan Meetup
Sacred object, a coin, crystal, or similar (small, will return with you)
Land offering (Naga) (small rock or pebble from the land where you live, will be left at Menla)
Bug spray
Pen (journal is provided)
Mug with lid for hot tea (recommended for best experience)
Bathing suit (optional, pool is outdoor)
Flashlight (red led preferred as it preserves night vision and melatonin)
Photo of self, (small, photo must not contain other people; important item to bring)


The School of Imagination is a COVID-19 free community. The retreat centers where we host our events ask that all of our guests complete a Wellness Screening Questionnaire and get tested before they arrive, so we can continue to offer services in a healthy and safe environment for everybody. If this is requested from you but these items are not provided prior to your arrival, we will be unable to check you in upon arrival, and you will not be permitted to participate in your program until you provide the information and get a negative test. Thank you for helping our community and your fellow guests stay safe by adhering to our policies.

MASKING: Menla is currently recommending, but not requiring that all guests wear masks while in common spaces indoors (Lhasa Inn ground floor, Dewa Spa, and the Barn; common areas and bathrooms in the Conference Center). Menla strongly recommends that group retreat participants remain masked in their dedicated meeting space (Yoga Studio) whenever possible. Even though we are taking these precautions to combat the spread of COVID-19, traveling (even in pre-COVID times) always involves some risk. For this reason, all guests are required to digitally sign a simple assumption of risk acknowledgement during the registration process. 

When you arrive, please keep your bags in your car until you have completed the check-in process. All guests will have a no-contact thermometer screening upon arrival. If your temperature is above 100°F, we will not be able to let you stay on-site and you will be asked to return home. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of our other guests.

While social distancing is no longer required, we still recommend you observe social distancing whenever possible.

Far from crowds and congested streets, Menla’s unique surroundings inherently provide a safe escape. There’s plenty of space to distance physically while feeling the healing touch of nature, finding peace, and gaining strength from our community spirit.

Through the implementation of our new sanitization protocols and limiting person-to-person contact whenever possible, we’re confident our mountain oasis will remain COVID-free.


We’re stepping up our daily maintenance routines by cleaning high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces multiple times throughout the day. This includes door handles, banisters, light switches, elevator buttons, and any surface in common areas, like the front desk and reception.

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners proven to kill COVID-19 along with other germs and viruses. Primarily BRIOTECH, a HOCI (Hypochlorous Acid) based sterilizer. It’s an electrolyzed, antimicrobial biocide that works by inactivating pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and spores. All-natural, it’s free of common additives like alcohol, sulfates, and parabens,

Each guest room is complete with a private bath and will be deep cleaned and sealed at least 24-hours before the next guest arrives. Transient items like pens and notepads previously found in the room have been removed. Keys will also be sanitized before being handed out again.


MENLA'S Cancellation Policy:

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? Whether it is a getaway or group retreat, we offer a flexible cancellation and rebooking policy. You can easily change dates and have your deposit applied to a future stay or refunded depending on the situation.

If you cancel 24 hours before your reservation, scheduled program, workshop, or retreat you will receive a refund minus a 10% service fee. You will not receive a refund if you arrive late or cannot give us 24 hours notice. 

Any program may be cancelled due to low registration. If this happens, you will receive a full refund.

SCHOOL OF IMAGINATION Event Tuition Cancellation and Refund Policy:

2022 Portal Retreat:

  • Before July 27th 50% refund
  • Before August 26th 25% refund
  • After August 26th no refund