School of Imagination

“The School of Imagination shows you how to guide yourself back to who you truly are, the divinity of heart and brain. You are powerful now and you always have been. The power of your imagination is limitless.”

Registered Nurse, US

School of Imagination

“I spent most of the last decade investing in self development, one course after another searching for tools and solutions, but finding nothing that could really help me have the breakthrough of total transformation and tangible life results that I was after. This is IT.”

Entrepreneur, IN

School of Imagination

“I thought I would be in therapy forever healing my traumas and childhood wounds which were clearly reflected back to me in endlessly traumatic relationships. I am so grateful to finally understand that consciousness is the one and only reality. Thank you to the School of Imagination.”

Business Owner, CI


The word GODDARD means 'brave god'. Whether you know it yet or not, you are a God who came into human form which was and is--very brave of you. Nothing you do or don't do can ever change who you are. That's why it's Level 0. You don't need to learn anything to be who you already are. You simply need remember.

'You can have whatever you say' but don't take our 'teaching and enticing words' for it. Test the principles in our FREE Consciousness 101 Course to 'transform your mind' and 'demonstrate your power' to yourself and the world around you. All the ancient teachings share this wisdom in different ways. For example, in the Holy Bible, (which 2 of the 7.7 billion planetary population consider their sacred text) Jesus says: 'Is it not written in your law? You are gods'. We believe no religion, country, government or culture should have a monopoly on the Truth about your happiness, love and abundance and health.

'You will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.' Ready to wake out of the Matrix? Remember who you are.


 GAME OF LIFE LEVEL 1 [95 Credits]

The Last Course you'll ever need to fulfill every last one of your heart's desires. This 99-Day Adventure puts you on the path of a total metanoia of consciousness for total FREEDOM.


USD 6,000,000,000,000

Like it or not, that's the amount of money being made off human suffering, especially by Big Pharma. It's time for you to know the Truth and be set free once and for all. And, the Truth is this: You can have, be and do ANYTHING you desire because the same divine intelligence that keeps the sun rising and setting and the planets spinning and turns the acorn into an oak tree and an embryo into a baby, is a power within you!

Deep down you know this. You have always known this, and that is why anything less than you desire has felt so bad or uncomfortable. Know now, that you have the power to change anything you don't like in your life, and get tangible results, just by transforming your consciousness. The School of Imagination gives you the tools and support to do that.



A mystic is 'a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect

Completion of the FREE Consciousness 101 Course (5 CR); Neville Goddard's Power of Awareness broken down in easy-to-digest 20 min/day videos, entitles you as a Level 1: Mystic access to a Global Conscious Community + graduates of this course have all the tools anyone needs to consciously curate and enjoy a wonderful human experience.


A sage is a 'mature or venerable person of sound judgment. one (such as a profound philosopher) proceeding from, distinguished or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment.' 

Completion of The Last Course (95 CR) grants students Level 2: Sage access to exclusive workshops and events like the SATS Portal 2022 in NYC.  These students are also eligible to apply for 'mentorship as a career' courses to get Level 3: Adept qualification if they feel called to give back to the world by guiding other conscious beings through the use of their imagination.


An adept is 'very skilled or proficient at something'.  

Adepts have completed Level 1: Mystic and Level 2: Sage, along with other required electives and are qualified to mentor students in the community and/or they can add to their own professional practice with increased knowledge of the deepest level of consciousness and transformation training available on the planet. They and are also tasked with the mission of guiding other students, and receive benefits and bonuses of Level 3. Details of other Levels of the Game of Life listed below are only available in the School of Imagination Portal.





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The School of Imagination exists under the premise that we are Infinite Beings here on Planet Earth to enjoy this 5-Sense Experience in physical form. Hence, there's nothing to learn or teach that you don't already know, we have simply set up a framework that does not seem to exist in western societies for remembering who you truly are.

In ancient or sacred communities, if someone experiences hardship like death or loss, or "hears voices", has dreams or premonitions or sees signs, it was and is considered to be a valuable awakening experience and these beings are supported on their spiritual journey, even revered as leaders.

In modern societies however, people with these experiences are usually labeled with various diagnosis, syndromes and disorders and offered a one-stop-solution of medication or not helped at all. In the same way, when someone goes through a challenging time, like death or divorce or a "dark night of the soul" (all of which are part of our pre-chosen human experience), with the right knowledge, it's possible to maximize these opportunities as a catalyst for growth and even enjoy the ride and have some fun. When consciousness support is given to an individual for these potentially torturous experiences, character is developed and strengthened, as preferred to trying to fast-forward or dull the senses with medication, only to perpetuate the "inevitable pain". 

Is something really wrong with you? Or are our systems broken? Like you, on our own Hero Journeys, we couldn't help wondering if maybe we didn't just come here to live and die and pay rent. Perhaps there was another way, and if we could find the treasure in the pain of the human experience, then maybe that 'Pearl of Great Price' would make all the pain and tears worth it and we could be FREE!

Find out everything about life that should be taught in school but isn't. From a short course (Consciousness 101), to total transformation (The Last Course), or electives for further expansion and mastery, to becoming a mentor or joining us on this history-making mission. This is not self-development. This is total transformation of your inner and outer world. Expect a metanoia.